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Apple Watch Is Extremely Waterproof, Tests Show

As a device that people will wear for most of the day, the Apple Watch needs to be sturdy and strong enough to withstand a bit of wear and tear. For example, if you’re a hiker and you get a bit of dirt on the device, you want to know

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Apple iPad Pro Will Have a Bigger Screen, a Stylus and USB-C, Says Source

Last year, the sales of Apple’s iPads really took a hit. Despite tablets having experienced success for almost half a decade, Q4 2014 saw the tablet market suffer its first ever year-over-year sales decline (a decline of 3.3%) and Apple was one of the hardest hit companies. According to data


iPhone 6S Will Have Force Touch, 2GB of RAM

Last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were runaway successes. The two handsets quickly became the fastest selling iPhones of all time, something largely attributed to their sleek new bodies and their larger screens. With the additional size, Apple was able to go directly up against the many Android

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Dragon Age: The Last Court Announced

Failbetter Games has announced the newest entry into the ever-growing Dragon Age franchise. Entitled “The Last Court”, the developer has released information regarding the premise of the upcoming game. Detailed to be a text-based adventure that can be played straight from your browser, fans of Failbetter Games’ previous title, Fallen

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Microsoft Smartwatch Reportedly Gearing Up for Launch

After hearing about the Apple Watch earlier this month, there’s no denying that the smartwatch race really has begun, and whilst Android have had a bit more time to get a head start, they’ve still got a lot to watch out for from both the Apple and the Microsoft camps.

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Iam Puls – The Smartwatch with the Potential to Replace Smartphones

It looks like everyone is jumping on to the mobile electronics band wagon and for good reason too. The industry has proven to be a very lucrative one but still kind of risky with all the competition you have out there. But still some people push on and put their

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Google Nexus 6 – The First Salvo of Android Lollipop Powered Phones

Google has released its take on the Nexus series phone with a 6 inch smartphone called the Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 is a product of the combined efforts between Google and Motorola and closely resembles the Moto X in a variety of ways. Let us breakdown the features of

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Awesome Android Lock Screen Launcher Apps

Are you guys bored with the usual stock lock screen options on your android phone? Well, a bunch of developers agree with you on that and if you go on to Google play store you will find a bunch of alternative apps to replace your boring lock screen while keeping

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Apple Unveils Its New 5K Retina IMac

Keeping up with competition, Apple announced it’s new more affordable IMac last June. But today, they dropped another announcement with the unveiling of a humongous 5k retina display IMac. In an industry wherein the sharpness and quality of image is key to enticing more consumers to their brand, Apple is

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Amazon Unveils Four New Games

Amazon has been busy this year with various new developments and implements with the corporation. Attempting to do just about everything, Amazon has released its own phone, released a streaming set-top box, announced an online grocery service, and even a drone delivery service of all things. But, one thing that