Aether Music Player

A kickstarter company called Aether has come up with a solution for fickle minded music lovers out there. I for one am an example of this group of people. I like my music playing in the background at certain times and situations but I’m in my own definition a moody music lover. I’m choosy with the type of songs I listen to, and depending on my mood I would prefer certain genres over others.

And that is where Aether Music player comes into good use. This revolutionary smart music player actually takes note of the type of musical genre you like and would find songs that it thinks would appeal to your auditory taste.

Currently though Aether stills works when synced with Apple products and the android version is still under development.

Aether Music Player

Here’s a look into what Aether Music Player has to offer.

Sleek and classic design

At first sight the Aether music player looks like it got its design from an antique phonograph. Its design was meant to be as minimalistic as possible with only a valve in front of the cone speaker to act as a dial to forward to the next song or to switch to a different genre. At the rear of the speaker you would see a brass material design that contains the two volume buttons.

Playing the songs you love

Again the Aether player works by syncing to the Iphone, Ipad, or Mac as long as they are on the same WI-fi network. The cone will then play music from music apps such as Rdio according to its past records of the type of music you listened to.

Voice command functionality

The purpose of the cones design is to also highlight its voice command capabilities. You may choose your songs the traditional manual way by turning the dials or type in the songs title in the Aethers partner app or you may take advantage of its voice recognition technology and speak the title of your song after pressing down the command button on the player.

Customizing your playlist

After a period of time listening to music using the Aether music player, the device will start learning the type of music you like and soon would automatically direct you to songs of similar nature. The company behind the player even says that the player would also recognize the type of music you like according to your location, and the time of day.

I’m pretty curious to see if this really works. I’d like to bring the player to a beach one time and see if it plays all the Big Mountain tracks that I really like. What type of music would you like to hear coming from Aether?

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