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Now I know I covered this topic in one of my articles for fully utilizing Google Now, but the voice command features and functions can’t fit in just one article. That’s why for today’s endless androids tips and tricks, we’re going to talk about the functions and cool tricks of Google Now’s voice commands.

I will have to admit as a casual smartphoen user, and not having discovered Google Now’s voice command yet sure waste a lot of potential. And the stuff I discovered about its features blew my mind.

OK Google – First off we start by talking about how you activate the speech commands. You do these by tapping on the Googles search bar and simply say Ok Google. A program voice will then ask you what you want to do.

Search using speech – Once the voice prompts you, anything you say would automatically be assumed as something you want to search over Googles search engine.

Calling and texting – One of the cool features is the ability to call or text using speech commands. Simply say the words, call, or text, or e-mail followed by the name of the recipient.

Playing media – You can also command Google Now to play media for you but first you must have Google Play installed into your android phone. Google play is completely free and will sync all the media files you have on your phone into the app.

Managing everyday tasks – Set alarms, create notes, and manage schedules just by speaking to Google Now and it would record everything you say like a virtual personal assistant.

Navigating – You can also ask for directions using Google now. Speak to Google like you would any person that you want to ask directions from and Google now will directly go to its Maps and show you the path to your destination as well as transportation and flight details.

Entertainment – Be it concerts, sports, or other events, Google can tell you the details from all the facts it has gathered about you.

There are still a hundred things you can do with Google Now’s voice command. So I encourage you to experiment and discover all the other fun things about it. Ask the most random questions and be surprised by what Google has to say.

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