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With the many problems we may face with our android phones I’m sure one that would top the list is the LAG. Yeah, don’t get me started on lag. Nothing can test our patience like having to wait for apps to work, or tabs to switch fast or for files to be copy and pasted in less time than it takes for us to write up a 100 word article.

We all understand the frustration of Lag, and to help us cope with that our Android Tips and tricks Part 14 shall cover the causes of lag and possible ways to fix it.

Root of the problem # 1: Your games are too heavy

I know you love your games, and the better the game the heavier it is. I understand. Of course you don’t want to delete them; a smart phone without games would be like a sundae with chocolate syrup. It just isn’t the same.

The solution: Get a game booster app. This app enhances the speed of your game by automatically shutting down unnecessary background processes and apps when you start running your game. This frees up RAM for you to use for your gaming pleasure.

Root of the problem # 2: Your apps take up too much RAM

Another obvious problem but is usually ignored is that you have apps that automatically run on your android phone whether you want it to run or not. You don’t really feel its effects on your android except from how much lag it’s causing.

The solution: First you have to identify which applications are hogging up all the memory. You can do this with apps like Wakelock detector that diagnoses which applications run the heaviest.  

Once you have identified which app it is you can go to the apps menu in your settings, decide whether or not you need that app to run on the background without you asking, and if you don’t, simply disable the app or uninstall it. (Note: Make sure to do your research if the app is essential to your system)

Root of the problem # 3: Your data takes up too much memory

Your phone is clogged up with too much data that filling up the memory.

The solution: Check out our last Android tips and tricks part 13 and find the many ways to clean up memory.

Are the tips helping you? Do you think you got tips that can work better? Let us know in your comments.

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