Are you guys ready for another round of android tips and tricks?

We’ve covered quite a range of topics but with the system nature of android there will always be new stuff to learn and to explore. We’ve done a run through of the developer options as well as taught you what to do when your power key goes on the fritz.

On this article we will talk about stuff you can do when surfing the web, and most of the time you guys would be using a browser that was downloaded from the Google play store but now we would concentrate on Google chrome. And here are a few Android tips and tricks when using your mobile Google Chrome browser.

 1.) Using Google voice search.

This is one of my most favourite tools on the android web browser. The advantages of using this is that it saves you time you would spend on typing.

One useful way to use this is to add the Google search bar widget to your home screen. Once you are connected to the net, all you need to do is tap on the search bar then on the microphone icon and start talking. Google search bar would then search for whatever you asked for.

2.) Navigating between your tabs

Google chrome has a few nifty tricks for navigating tabs on your android phone.

  1. On your android device just tap and hold anywhere on the chrome toolbar than just swipe left or right.
  2. Another way is to tap on the double square icon and just swipe through which tab on standby you would like to open next.

3.) Zooming in

Are the texts sometimes to small on the web page? Chrome can automatically zoom that in for you if you just double tap on the area you want zoomed in.

 4.) Quicker way to select a menu option

You don’t really need to tap the menu and wait for it to appear then tap on your next option again. The faster way to do it is to tap and hold your menu bar and when it appears just drag your finger towards the option then lift your finger off it. Google chrome will recognize the option you meant to open.

These are just a few of the many things you can do with chrome. Next time we will talk about other shortcuts and how to make it work faster for you.

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