Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Last of Us To Be Released in 2013

Naughty Dog knows what it's doing. You can't created the Uncharted franchise, one of the most beautiful and most cinematic games ever made and not know what you're doing. So when...

Angry Birds Hitting Consoles, But Is It Worth The Purchase?

Rovio captured casual gaming lightning in a bottle with their Angry Birds franchise. But will the birds break though the barrier to consoles with as much ease as they have elsewhere?

Capcom Vancouver Lays Off 7%

We've talked at length before about Capcom's increasing woes as of late. While they are starting to produce better quality games, nothing can shield the fact that they are still in...

New GTA V Screens Debut and Possible Red Dead Sequel On the Way!

Not even a full day after we talked about GTA V on here has Rockstar Games debuted two new screenshots for the fans. The screenshots give us a better look at...

What Beyond: Two Souls Means For Gaming

Quantic Dreams seriously captured lightning in a bottle when they released Heavy Rain. More than most other developers, Quantic Dream was able to create a game that actually felt like you...

EA Still Considering Mirror’s Edge Sequel

Mirror's Edge was a game that didn't exactly take off the way developer EA thought it would. To those who missed the game when it first came out, Mirror's Edge takes...

What We Want From GTA V

Grand Theft Auto is one of the crown jewels of gaming. The controversial series put sandbox games on the map with GTA 3 and has only gotten better, culminating in the...