Android apps

Android Apps that Will Convert You to a Droid User

As people say, there are two types of people in the world, those that use IOS and those that use Android. I know, I know, there are also Windows users but let’s...

Evernote – Why Everyone’s Using It and Why You Should Too!

True. There are in fact Gazillions of web based tools that you can use to organize your ideas, take down notes, and collaborate with your team (among many others). But not...

This Productivity Feature is in Gmail? Mind Blown!

What comes into your mind when people talk about Gmail? Email of course! That’s quite understandable considering how Gmail is quite possibly the best email service in the web. However, did you know...
Linkedin Marketing

This 1 Linkedin Marketing Strategy Got Me 3 Clients in 4 Days!

Can you REALLY get clients through Linkedin? My short answer - Yes! And quite frankly, I’m surprised that you had to ask. I mean, we all know how the users of Linkedin are...
android tips and tricks

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 14

With the many problems we may face with our android phones I’m sure one that would top the list is the LAG. Yeah, don’t get me started on lag. Nothing can...
android tips and tricks

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 16

Hey there again guys. We got some more android tips and tricks for you today. A lot of these tricks are overlooked functions of our android devices that are supposed to...

Organize Your Guest Posting Campaign with this Gdoc Spreadsheet Template

If you’ve been doing internet marketing for quite awhile now, then you probably already know how guest posting is one of the best methods (if not the best) to market your...
smartphone accessories for the outdoors

Great Smartphone Accessories for the Outdoors

We take our smartphones and tablets anywhere we go. I mean , how else are we supposed to take our selfies at the beach or at the zoo,right? All kidding aside, it...
Touch +

Adding more Options to Desktop Navigation – Touch +

Here's a great idea that was planned and executed perfectly. Someone came up with a motion sensor that'd replace a touchpad or a mouse for your desktop and laptop PC’s. Usually, with...
battery saving apps

The Top 5 Battery Saving Apps for Android Phones

Hey guys! How many times do you have to charge your Android phone every day? Once, twice, or do you have to plug it in the power socket more than that?...