It has barely been two days since the highly anticipated launch of Destiny finally arrived all across the world. After millions and millions of pre-orders, patiently waiting in line or for the mailman to come, Activision has revealed just how massive the launch was. Destiny is in fact now the largest and most successful new IP (Intellectual Property) launch in the history of video games. The game has sold more than $500 million dollars in revenue to date. Now of course this isn’t actual games sold in stores or digitally, but how many that stores and retailers have bought from Activision to sell. The actual sales numbers from the launch have yet to be revealed.

Despite that, there are other titles that Activision claims that Destiny has now achieved, including the most successful new franchise launch of all time and the highest-selling day one digital console release in history. This is probably due to the fact that both Microsoft and Sony allowed for pre-purchase and pre-download of the game well before the launch. While no exact sales numbers have been cited, Activision is most likely waiting for the first week to pass so that it can give an accurate and much more detailed report on Destiny’s worldwide reception.

This report, however, is good news for Bungie, as it is known that Destiny took a whopping $500 million dollars to create, meaning that it has already made the money back just on the first day. Intended to be a very long franchise, those profits are only going to grow from here. Were you one of the millions that purchased Destiny on day one? Let us know in the comments below what platform you got it for and what you think of the game so far. And for all things Destiny, keep it locked right here.