Social media management is starting to become quite a challenge with the amount of different channels made available to the public. You may have to manage at least 4 different social networks to get the full potential of your internet marketing. But the hassle is far outweighed by the advantages of properly utilizing these media outlets.

Falconsocial Media Management has created a way to align all your social media activities to produce a better coordinated message to your target audience. It will give you better control over your social managers and administrators as well.

Better results from specific management.

Falconsocial cuts out the inefficiencies of updating your social networks individually and having to go from one page to another. It provides you with a central command centre that gives you overall information and updates of your social media and allows you to enforce changes from that one platform alone.

They do this by specifically breaking down the functions of social media into 5 different categories.


Listen –  Falconsocial recognizes the importance to properly listen to and observe audience feedback and insights, so the first step in proper management is to give you a monitoring platform  to what your target audiences are posting and on which network. In the world of social media marketing, a quick reaction to trends and feedback would put your business one step ahead of competition.

Engage – communicate universally with your community managers’ right from Falconsocial. It will provide you with various tools such as leaving notes and sending a group message over different networks to effectively get your tasks assignments through in minimum time.

Publish – Form a proper timeline for your posts using an editorial calendar. This tool will breakdown your monthly activity into scheduled task to create better timings to post your status.

Measure – Analyzes media activity thus allowing you to put the right subjects on the right social channels. Falconsocial provides you with graphical reports that analyzes determines the areas that will provide you with maximum returns. From there, you can create a strategic marketing plan or even amend plans that don’t give as much returns.

 Manage – Control and regulate the activities of your administrators and managers better by granting or restricting their authority.

Falconsocial has grew to become a valuable tool for internet marketers with many top brands already utilizing their services.

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