Today there was going to be a nice, bright and shiny Grand Theft Auto III retro review for you due to yesterday being the announced release date for GTA III on Playstation Network. However, due to “unforeseen circumstances” the release date of the port has been delayed until a new one can be found. The choice to review GTA III on Playstation Network seems like an odd choice. After all, the game should play the same as it did over ten years ago, right? Perhaps it does, but nostalgia has a way of corrupting true impressions.

Our review is going to be a full on deconstruction of the game, comparing and contrasting with GTA IV and seeing just how well one of the most important games of all time holds up today. We’re also going to talk at length about GTA V and whether or not certain gameplay aspects of the GTA III trilogy (including Vice City and San Andreas) will be making a return. In the meantime, stay tuned to TechieIO to get all the latest on GTA development and all the tech you crave.

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