All I have to say is “Wow” . I had the pleasure in speaking with a few members of the staff from, the makers of finely tuned and highly customizable laptops. This is a bit of a ground breaking approach to the laptop world. It’s not the “norm” to be able to upgrade anything more than maybe a hard drive, or ram when desired, and in many laptops these days especially when talking about solid state , or proprietary designs it usually just is not possible. That isn’t the case with OriginPC. They’ve devoted there life experiences to creating the answers we’ve all been looking for in mobile computing, or mobile gaming. Why worry about not being able to upgrade a laptop when the newer and better comes out? We’ve not yet been able to get our hands on a demo laptop, but we know we’ve got it lined up in our future.

What I can tell you from the conversations we’ve had with Origin, is that there were a lot more “Yes you can” than “No you can’t” answers to my questions. When I asked, can I upgrade the GPU the answers was, you guessed it “Yes”. Now, it get’s even better. I asked, well what about the not yet released NVidia 590M GPU that is on it’s way, and they said “Yes” and they already have the specifications for it, and it’s already on the way “soon”. While I didn’t’ get an exact release date, I already know a GPU that is not even yet available is already supported on the native hardware within these OriginPC laptops. It was great to already be able to get some “insider” information on the NVidia 590M GPU’s to know that they are indeed coming right around the corner.

This is almost like the Alienware way of how laptops should be, “upgradeable” . I do like Alienware laptops, but the price tag for the specs you get have always had a history of being a bit in the “rip-off” range. It’s hard to deny that, when you can walk into the few stores that do sell Alienware off the shelf ( CompUSA, MicroCenter, and Fry’s Electronics at the time of this writing ) and every sales rep tells you, hey the price is a bit crazy but if that’s what you want then go for it, but take a look at this ASUS over here, or whatever comment they throw out is a bit disappointing. Most of the reason Alienware laptops even seem “neat” is because of the lighting they include which probably has more LED’s than a Christmas tree might have ( assuming it was an LED lit tree ).

Anyway, the OriginPC designers have indeed done it right and have created a very stout competition when it comes to what else is out there in the customizable hardcore laptop range, leaving really only 3 main competitors up on the radar with those being Alienware, ASUS, and OriginPC, while a few others do exist, these are the only 3 worth mentioning.

OriginPC doesn’t stop at the Laptop product line, they are also very hard core into the “cores” when it comes to Desktops with a highly customizable product line, and when I say customizable, I don’t just mean your typical processor, ram, hard drive specifications. It’s the whole kit and caboodle. It may take the fun out of it for some, while others want the look and feel of an elite machine without having to put the “wrench time” in themselves. You can choose water cooling, down to the tubing color options on many of their desktop product lines. We give them a huge thumbs up for creativity, and support. It’s all there, in one package. You can’t go wrong.

One thing we would like to really see in the Laptop lineup, is a matte screen option. Currently all of the laptop screens being produced inside of the OriginPC laptops, are “glossy”. While I do understand that a lot of gamers, and hard core PC enthusiasts prefer the glossy screens for the “deep blacks” , it leaves some of the designers out there a bit stranded as the matte screens are better for color reproduction in terms of print , and graphic design.

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