The Metal Gear Solid series is one that has amassed a large appeal over the years. While the series has (almost) always starred Solid Snake, the latest installment in the series (the very long windedly titled) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance makes supporting character Raiden the star. At comic-con new gameplay footage was debuted featuring a boss battle. While the footage itself was short it was definitely sweet featuring Raiden running along a stream of missiles while taking on a giant Metal Gear. The demo also featured some of Raiden’s trademark katana combat, casually slicing opponents left and right. This gave those in attendance the chance to check out just how the sword mechanics are incorporated into the game.

Fans have been somewhat skeptical about this game as it takes out a lot of the stealth mechanics that Metal Gear is so known for and has traded them for a straight up hack n slash game. While that has been a source of frustration for some fans, others are happy about the change of pace and can’t wait to see what Hideo Kojima has in store.

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