Motorola Moto Hint

I’d like to assume that some of you have watched the movie Her, well if you have or haven’t let me just give you a gist of what the movie is. It’s a movie that takes place in a futuristic utopia showing the possibilities of mobile technology in the near future. Innovations such as a full voice command desktop PC’s, advanced AI technology, printers that can replicate your handwriting and earpieces that are totally hands free and when worn people would instantly assume you are talking to yourself.

I’m going to talk about the last one I mentioned, because the technology is here, and will be available for the public this year. I’m talking about the Motorola Moto Hint.

Yes, the future is getting closer and closer ladies and gentlemen, and it’s an exciting time for technophiles to be alive. Among the slew of new mobile technology recently introduced to us, some bringing in new innovation, this Motorola Moto Hint just adds a bit more flavor to the tech buffet.

Motorola Moto Hint

Initial look

Like what you would see in the movie I just mentioned, the Motorola Moto Hint is designed to be as small and as discreet as possible. Motorola created the Bluetooth device to fit perfectly and comfortably in every ear, taking into consideration that everyone has a different shape ear, they scanned hundreds of different sample groups and came up with four different gel attachments to fit in every type of shape.

The Moto hint would be coming in 6 different colors to suit your taste delivering texture colors from the classic to the more playful.

Features and functions

One of the best features that the Moto Hint would offer is that it would automatically turn on once you put the headset into an ear. Using infrared red technology, the earpiece would know if it is placed in your ear and would turn off once you take it out which aligns totally with their hand free direction.

Another feature is an audio design that makes sounds pass through into your ear as well so you will always be aware of your surrounding sounds.

The full potential of the Hint is when it is used together with Motorola Moto voice, which would allow you to make calls and not even touch your phone at all.

The Hint would be coming out together with a battery pack that can act as a keychain. The battery pack can also charged other USB capable devices.

Release date and Price

The hint is said to be released this coming Christmas season and will be priced at around $149.

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on these headsets. What about you?

Motorola Moto Hint