Polar M400

With the plethora of fitness bracelets out right now, we may wonder what else they can put into a fitness watch to make it stand out. Apparently, the answer is A LOT!

While Jawbone and Fitbit are great fitness accessories and all, being able to track your caloric burn and distance covered daily but it lacks the ability to accurately trace the pace and altitude of where you are running. That is why the Polar m400 is here to fill that void. Using GPS it can get further details of your fitness activities. On top of that, it monitors the number of steps that you’ve taken and even your sleeping pattern. Along with the application that is available for both the Android and the IOS system, the Polar M400 can tailor fit a fitness plan for you depending on your goals and it will constantly show you your progress towards that goal.

The Polar M400 also syncs with your other electronic devices that would allow you to see your running route, if you get worried about losing your way on your jogging path, the M400 will just trace out your new path to get back into your original route thanks to its built in GPS.

The watch is also capable of storing your data and could show you a comparative performance report basing its data on all your recorded fitness activity. It updates you constantly by notifying you through alarm or vibration.

How does it look.

The M400 has a tough looking design so you wouldn’t be worried about banging it up a bit while your working out. It comes in 3 different colors of white, black, and grey and weighs only 55.5g by exchanging traditionally heavier raw materials like metal and glass for plastic.

The battery life can keep up with you for up to 9 hours but that is with heavy GPS use. With GPS turned off the watch can track your activities to up to 24 hours of running time.

Like many of the other fitness watches, the Polar M400 is waterproof and Bluetooth capable.

All in all the Polar M400 offers good features for its price of $200. The watch will be available to the world later this fall.

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