Hardcore PC gamers tend to prepare for gaming in ways that no other gamers do. For console gamers a unique headset and maybe a uniquely shaped controller is enough but PC gamers are a whole other breed when it comes to customization. This is why the Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse is something to drool over. Imagine having a mouse that you could customize to perfectly fit your hand and allow you to game with the maximum proficiency.

Ergonomics Exemplified

The Ouroboros features interchangeable side panels to alter the width of the mouse. This ensures that you can make it fit perfectly in your hand. To further improve how it feels in your hand it comes equipped with adjustable length and an adjustable back arch. This means that you have a mouse that is fully customized to your personal preferences. To sweeten the deal even further is that it is designed to work just as well without a cord as it does with a cord. This is perfect for gamers who want the freedom of going cordless or for those who like the tethered control of the wire.

Energy and Precision

In terms of power this mouse runs on a single AA battery, and the mouse gets the most out of the battery ensuring that you do not spend the majority of your time hunting for a replacement battery after only a month. It also comes with a built in clutch trigger which is essentially there to improve your accuracy while gaming.

There have been some comparisons between the Ouroboros and the Cyborg line of mouses, but in terms of ergonomics, the Ouroboros is much more sophisticated and sleek in its design. The Cyborg line are trying to give the conception that their mouse is more hardcore, where as the Ouroboros is stylish, but functional above all else.

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