Sony NWZ - WS610

From the top of your head, give me a list of the things that’d keep you from listening to music on your headphones while doing your daily activities or engaging in your hobbies. Is it the wires? How about the need for the headphones to be constantly connected to a large bulky device? Is it because you can’t take it to places you want to go without risking damage to it, like a pool?

Well I guess Sony thought of all that too, and invented something that would answer all these problems.

The Sony Walkman NWZ – WS610 is the company’s latest answer to the on-the-go and active music lover.

Sony NWZ - WS610

The Walkman has and internal memory of 16GB capable of holding all your favourite songs. It can also be connected to your mobile device wirelessly and is water-proof so you won’t mind having sweat or pool water splash all over it while you work out. This is the perfect answer to those who love listening to music without the hassle of having to constantly check, readjust, and reposition your headphones.

Another great thing about the walkman is its ring controller that wirelessly gives commands to your headphones to go to the next track or to adjust the volume.

The headphone can also take calls from your phone. If your phone is NFC capable just tap the Walkman to the phone and it would automatically recognize and sync the device. Once you get a call on your android phone the Walkman will give you an auditory notification and you may simply press the button on the command ring and talk wherever you are.

The process of putting songs into your headphone has also been made easier since the Walkman functions like a USB drive when attached via wire to your PC. Just drag and drop the files you want, unplug and play. If even this is too much of a hassle for you, the Walkman is also capable of playing content from your phone either through musical applications, Youtube, or Spotify.

The Walkman boasts of producing great quality music that emphasizes realistic sounds achieved by it’s Clear phase and Clear Bass technology.

The Sony Walkman NWX – WS610 will be out in Europe by Mid-October.

Don’t know about you, bu I can’t wait for it to reach my place so I can get one for myself.

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