As indicated by a Verizon Press release from Sept 2013, Verizon is finally making available new speeds that are set to match what the users FiOS download speeds are. Since the release of FIOS and traditionally speaking to just about every Internet Service Provider, download speeds have almost always been higher than upload speeds. I am sure some of the reasons being for the previous limitation were to prevent from customers “hosting” out of their own house for services or servers provided business related applications.

Additionally higher upload speeds would typically mean beefier hardware being required to be able to push that type of data from a users home. It’s unclear if you hardware may need to be upgraded, but if you have recently installed FiOS in your home, you are probably already covered.

For those of you who are on the Verizon FiOS Fiber Network, you’ve got a new perk coming. There isn’t a specific or guaranteed rollout schedule publicly available for every region however, but feel FREE to give your verizon customer service department a call to find out when you can get the FREE upgrade.

Updated Speeds:

Existing Speeds New Speeds
15/5 Megabits per second (Mbps) 15/15 Mbps
15/5 Mbps 25/25 Mbps
50/25 Mbps 50/50 Mbps
75/35 Mbps 75/75 Mbps
150/65 Mbps 150/150 Mbps
300/65 Mpbs 300/300 Mbps
500/100 Mbps 500/500 Mbps

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