Acer has just revealed its Asprire S5, attempting to run with the big boys, namely so Apple. With Apple just revealing what we will be seeing with its Macbook Pro, it is looking like Acer is putting it all on the table (the ultrabook table that is). We have known that the Aspire S5 was coming at us since Acer announced it at CES 2012 in January, but today was the official press conference and reveal of prices and specs.

Set to be released at the end of this month, and starting at only $1,399, Acer is claiming that their Aspire S5 is the thinnest laptop we have seen to date, in the entire world. That’s a pretty big claim, but Acer seems to be living up to it, no hitches so far. Your Aspire S5 will come to you in a shiny sleek magnesium alloy chassis in none other the Onyx Black.

Thinnest In The World

How thin are we talking here? At its thickest point, the Aspire measures in at 15mm and at its thinnest, 11.2mm. That’s pretty darn thin, I mean one skillful karate chop, and your laptop could be in two pieces. With an astoundingly thin design comes and equally impressive weight. Your Aspire S5 will be pushing the scales at a whopping 2.65 pounds. A cat weighs more than that.

So what will we get with 2.65 pounds of hardware? The 13.3 inch Aspire S5 gives you the brand new Ivy Bridge i7 processor and a solid drive of 256 GB. You also get some other pretty fancy stuff including a USB 3.0, Thunderbolt port and HDMI ports, all of which are hidden with the flashy (excuse the pun) MagicFlip I/O port panel that will simply pop out of the back of your ultrabook with the push of a button.

Breaking Records

Speaking of the Thunderbolt port, the Acer Aspire S5 will be the first ultrabook in the world to be debuting it, beating Apple to the punch (on release dates anyway). Another world first that the Aspire takes is the debut of the AcerCloud, a free cloud back up that will back up your media images and documents.

AcerCloud will even take it one step forward and allow you to it with your Android devices, just simply download the app. Did I mention that it’s free? Apple is running a similar game with its iCloud program, but then again we really haven’t seen too much of it yet. AcerCloud definitely sounds a little to close to iCloud…does that mean Apple might bring on another lawsuit? Who knows.

Here is an overview of what you are getting with your Acer Aspire S5

• A battery life of 6.5 hours
• 13.3 inch backlit LED display screen
• 256 GB of SSD
• Thunderbolt port
• Intel Core i7 processor ( The Ivy Bridge) with turbo boost technology
• 4GB of DDR3 dual channel RAM
• 2 USB 3.0 ports
• Lightweight design, specifically 2.65 pounds
• MagicFlip I/O port
• AcerCloud technology
• And ofcourse, super ultra thin design, having the thickest point of your laptop at only 15mm

But the Aspire S5 isn’t the only Acer ultrabook getting a facelift. The Aspire S3 will also be getting a little bit of update love. The Aspire S3 will be seeing the Ivy Bridge processor as well and 256 GB of solid drive as well (although that isn’t to significant considering it used to be 240 GB). Also with the Aspire S3 we will be seeing a new color scheme, Champagne. Aspire S3’s will start at $648, making it very budget friendly, and they will get an earlier release date. The Aspire S3 will be hitting stores near you in just one week.