Keyword Research

Guide to Keyword Research – What You Need to Know

If you’re planning to run a blog or even a business website for your company, a critical step that you should NEVER neglect is keyword research. Sure, keyword research isn’t the be-all...
Comment Marketing

Definitive Guide to Comment Marketing

There is more to comment marketing than just writing comments on every article you can get your hands on. While the quality of your comment and the number of comments that...
Guest Posting

Definitive Guide To Guest Posting

Guest posting is hands down one of the best marketing methods you can use to grow your blog (if not the best). That’s a fact! Whether you’re into acquiring more clients, building... puls

Iam Puls – The Smartwatch with the Potential to Replace Smartphones

It looks like everyone is jumping on to the mobile electronics band wagon and for good reason too. The industry has proven to be a very lucrative one but still kind...
Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6 – The First Salvo of Android Lollipop Powered Phones

Google has released its take on the Nexus series phone with a 6 inch smartphone called the Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 is a product of the combined efforts between Google...
android tips and tricks

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 16

Hey there again guys. We got some more android tips and tricks for you today. A lot of these tricks are overlooked functions of our android devices that are supposed to...
Android lockscreen launcher apps

Awesome Android Lock Screen Launcher Apps

Are you guys bored with the usual stock lock screen options on your android phone? Well, a bunch of developers agree with you on that and if you go on to...
Blackout buddy

The Blackout Buddy H2O is a Water Activated Emergency Light

You know what is ironic? It is when you finally need an emergency light just to find out that its already broken or degraded. That would pretty much be a very...
Android Keyboard apps

The 5 great Android Keyboard Apps that Serves as Good Alternatives for the Stock

As a casual user of android phones the stock keyboard app serves its purpose well enough. Not counting in the lag of the phone, the keyboard pretty much covers all the...
Android apps

Android Apps that Will Convert You to a Droid User

As people say, there are two types of people in the world, those that use IOS and those that use Android. I know, I know, there are also Windows users but let’s...