Android apps

As people say, there are two types of people in the world, those that use IOS and those that use Android. I know, I know, there are also Windows users but let’s set this group aside for a while. The true debate and head to head clashes has always been between these two users.

Although the Android users are in the lead with more than 80 percent of smartphone users opting for android due to the availability of the system over widespread brands, no one can discount the buying power and consumer drive of the hardcore IOS users.

But having said this, there are still some things that Androids can do that IOS can’t and vice-versa. But I have a list of applications that just might give Android the upper hand. So for the android users, rejoice in the presence of these apps, as for the IOS users, just hear me out a little. It might peak your interest.

Great android apps for Droid users only:

1.) Smart IR remote

Before you go on saying that there are IOS apps that enable it to become a remote control, and start calling me out on my list. First, answer this question. Can the IOS remote application allow you to control up to 500,000 and more devices?  Yeah, this is why it is in the list. The remote app works on any android phone with infrared capability.

2.) Start

Now, a strength that android phones have but is constantly overlooked by us casual users is its phone lock feature. Only on android are you given an option in the lock screen to go directly to a camera or customize a shortcut to an app. The Start app opens up the lock screen to a whole lot more shortcuts.

3.) Agent

Agent is an app that automatically adjusts the functionality of your smartphone depending on your current situation. It comes with five modes to help you live an efficient lifestyle.

Drive mode – reads your text aloud and text back those who sent you a sms to inform them that you are driving.

Battery mode – adjusts the running programs in your phone depending on its battery level.

Parking mode – tells you where you last parked your car.

Sleep mode – silences your phone during a preset sleeping schedule while also replying to text to inform you are asleep.

Meeting mode – manages your calendar and reminds you of your meetings.

 4.) Link Bubble

It’s a mobile browser that loads links in the background while you continue surfing the web on another window. Finally!

Android apps

5.) HD widgets

Widgets are solely for Android. Factor in the great graphics and design of HD Widgets and your sure to succumb to the Android side.

I hope you like the apps that I shared above. If there are other Android apps that you feel should be added on the list (as I can probably imagine so), please let us know in the comments section below.

Android apps