Google Voice and Hangout

It seems like new technology just keep coming and coming, aside from the phones that were just recently released, android based accessories have also been coming into play. Each week consumers are introduced to new headsets, casings, and one area that stands out would be the smart watches. So far some of the battles in the mobile device wars are now being fought in the smart watch arena. With Apple releasing their own version of the smartwatch in contest to the one Samsung and Sony have been releasing. Other players see to it that they aren’t drowned out of all the action either with Motorola releasing their watch as well.

With all these new releases, consumers can only ask, what software applications that can be integrated into these smart phone to get optimal use out of all of them? Would the smart watches serve a greater purpose in mobile communication and lifestyle aside from being just cool to wear?

Google is trying to answer that question with a plan to put the use of these smartwatches in the right direction.

With the integration of Google voice and hangout, Google hopes to take the smart watches towards the possibilities of hands free interface. Owners of smart watches can now use Google voice and hangout to send text messages and make voice calls.

Google Voice and Hangout

So when a user signs up to Hangout and opens the application, they will automatically see their text messages included in the group of messages they received when using hangout, and will have the ability to reply to this messages via Google voice in Hangout. These apps will also give the user the ability to engage in conversations whether in group conversations, video calls, text messaging or phone.

A full merge is on the horizon.

Google executives aren’t just looking at a partnership between these two apps though but they expressed that Google voice may be fully integrated into Hangout in the near future. It may get mixed reviews from the users of standalone Google voice though as a way of pushing Hangout to the users.

So how about you? What do you think of Google plans for voice and hangout? Do you think that it will create much of an impact in the smart watch department? Let us know what you think.