IRIS + personal drone

Talk about epic selfies! Somebody has just found a way for you to have your very own personal automated drone to follow you around and take awesome pictures of whatever you are doing. No longer do you need another person to take pictures of you or find a flat surface for you to put your camera on to set into timer mode.

3D Robotics have developed a quad copter with a Follow me feature installed into it. It works by getting  GPS data based on signals from your mobile phone. The drone would then fix its cameras on you and follow you around keeping the GO-Pro lens focused on your every move.

Even better, the Droidplanner app that you have to download to get the quad copter working also allows the users to program in a predetermined flight plan for your drone. By setting the waypoints, you can customize and control the shots that you would want.

IRIS + personal drone

The IRIS + personal drone also has features that would make it very user friendly to even new users unfamiliar with drone concept.

 It is easily assembled right out of the box with as little loose parts as possible. It wouldn’t need a rocket scientist to put together. Just attach the necessary parts and with a charge battery you are good to go. But what if it flies out of range? Well, the drone also has a return home feature that allows it to return to a predetermined home base when it loses signal of your device or when its batteries get dangerously low.

The Droidplanner app gives you options to either set a focal point for your drone to concentrate on or have a it follow a flight plan or even fly it manually yourself through your android device, PC, or MAC.

The drone also comes ready for Go-Pro Cameras to be mounted on it. The makers of the drone took everything in consideration from vibration to wind resistance and have already assembled vibration dampeners so you can take the best quality shots as possible.

In terms of performance, the drone can last up to 22 minutes in flight time.

The IRIS + Personal Drone is now available for purchase at a price of $750 this is still without the  camera. So here’s to getting great new angles for shots. I just hope nobody uses it to takes shots of them eating. Ugh!