Productivity Tools

The modern professional knows how to streamline his work. This means he should also know the necessary tools he should have at his disposal to make the most efficient use of his time and efforts, tools that properly manages and organize his intellectual assets but also are low maintenance. You wouldn’t want to further split your already divided attention would you?

Coming from a working professionals point of view, we have come up and compiled a list of techie tools to increase your productivity.

Below we enumerate a mix of software applications and some hi-tech gadgets perfectly suited for the needs of a modern professional.

1.) Slack

This is a communication tool designed to deliver streamlined messages to your project team without the use of E-mails. This program utilizes social media and messaging programs such as Twitter, Google drive, and Dropbox to deliver group or private messages, as well as internal media to your team.

2.) Jamie’s to do

Like many other to-do apps, the Jamie’s To-do application allows you to list tasks and reminders which you can later check off. The beauty of this app though is its no-nonsense interface that does away with any non-essential characteristics that would only serve to distract its user. Any element that that is integrated into the app serves a purpose to aid the users workflow.

3.) Post it plus

For the longest time Post it notes have served as a valuable corporate tool. Post it plus takes the same concept of this classical staple and applies it to the digital era. The same time tested effectiveness but with a touch of high tech.

4.) USkape

Tired of having too much e-mails or managing too many apps that you still lose track of the work you are doing? Uskape takes all your online accounts and focuses them all into one channel to show you your whole workflow. No need to switch website tabs to compare and look for the information you need.

5.) Noisli

Noisli affects your work output by relaxing your mental stress through the use of auditory stimuli. Noisli provides soothing ambient noise like water flowing to plain white noise that is said to help soothe the brain to help it work.

6.) Alarmed

A very effective reminder application, Alarmed lets you set a scheduled alarm along with a note to constantly bombard you with necessary reminders on opportune times.

7.) Android Wear

Nothing keeps you connected between your devices other than android wear. Why settle for a normal watch when you can own a watch that offers multiple other functions such as showing you a preview of a text or notifying you about who is calling.

8.) Timeful

Timeful is a special type of scheduling app that keeps you from double booking your meetings. It intelligently recognizes that your time is limited and disallows you from adding any more activity to a time span with a set schedule. Other than meetings, Timescape also schedules in time for you to develop good habits.

9.) Eternity Time Log

This app actually monitors your daily activities and compares it to time spent following the schedule you set. At the end of each week, Eternity time log will give you a report of how much time was spent at work, or at leisure, and more importantly how much time you wasted by being idle.

10.) Sunrise

Sunrise gives you added features for your conference calls. It completes the profiles of the people you have calls with by taking information from social media sites. So you would always know that the caller on the other end looks like.

So you guys ready to get efficient? I am!

Grab these productivity tools now and start skyrocketing your productivity.

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