Mojang, the creator of the worldwide phenomenon that is Minecraft, has announced that the game will be coming to Microsoft’s Windows Phone very soon. One of the developers, Jens Bergensten, revealed that the port for the game runs well already, but there are still plenty of bug fixes and issues to work through before it is completely ready for full release. Rumors began to abound that Minecraft: Pocket Edition would be coming to Windows Phone anyways after the acquisition of Mojang and Minecraft by Microsoft. This was further fueled by recent pictures posted by another member of the Mojang team that showed the game running on a Windows-based smartphone.

However, Mojang reassures that this deal actually came about long before Microsoft bought out the studio, so the port was already planned to happen anyways. The acquisition that occurred a couple of weeks ago led to big changes for the studio, including the creator of Minecraft departing the studio he made. This has clearly had no direct effect on the non-Microsoft versions of the game, as we can see by the fact that the team at Mojang continues to update and patch the PlayStation, mobile, and PC versions. The PlayStation Vita version also launched last week, showing that the acquisition has no intentions of making Minecraft an exclusive game. The original Pocket Editions of Minecraft launched way back in 2011 for Android and iOS, so let us know in the comments if you’re interested in getting the Windows Phone version and for all things Minecraft, keep it right here.