Earlier today, Apple followed through yet again with another one of Steve’s missions, and that is to protect their own Intellectual Property. It comes at no surprise again, after we just blogged about the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lawsuit. This is just another example of Apple stepping up and “walking the walk” now that they’ve done all of the talking according to Steve as he’s before once said he was willing and ready to go to “thermonuclear war” with Google before ever considering licensing Apple technology to an Android manufacturer.

Honestly, I do not blame him one bit. I have a few patents pending at the USPTO myself, and one of which I know is currently being infringed on the market, and without going further into too much detail, there is always a time and place for strategy. However. I do think Apple needs to reconsider the iron fist, and spend time focusing on resolving the issues with open discussions as well as focusing on their business so that things like these do not take away from what they are already great at. Before you know it, Apple won’t even be Apple anymore and they will be too busy converting Apple, Inc from a high tech innovator into a full time litigation firm and may end up with nothing at the end other than old and out dated I.P.

While I understand the motives at the same time, it’s a tricky business and it’s never as easy to solve a patent type litigation dispute as it ever sounds. I wish Apple luck in this situation, and we can also only hope that a mutual and fair agreement is reached so that HTC can continue on with their business as well. After all, the dispute is regarding a “linking” feature, that is built into the Android platform, of which HTC didn’t develop, that’s Googles problem. So why bully up on HTC? Well, they are a big competitor of-course, and Apple is starting to play dirty.