What comes into your mind when people talk about Gmail? Email of course!

That’s quite understandable considering how Gmail is quite possibly the best email service in the web.

However, did you know that Gmail has a nifty feature that helps you increase your productivity and stay organized?

Interesting isn’t it.

But the fact is, it does in fact have a feature that can help you do just that. And I’m going to share it with you.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks can help you with writing down your to-do-lists and adding all sorts of descriptions and due dates on it.

It’s simple, clutter free and very effective.

Here’s where you can find it.


This will then appear.


Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll see within Google Tasks.


Here’s what you can see when you click the “right arrow” on the  upper right part of the window.


This is the part where you can add a due date and notes on your task.

At this point, once you’ve already added your list of tasks and the details of each, you should be able to work on the tasks and tick the box beside it to mark it as complete.

Considering how other people are having a hard time organizing their daily tasks as they get lost in the plethora of things that they do all at once making them feel like they haven’t really accomplished anything, this feature can help solve that problem.

And since it’s already within Gmail, then you won’t have to click on other tabs or open new windows to access it.

An important thing to remember is that you can create multiple lists.

Here’s how.


Why you should use Google Tasks

Now that I’ve shared with you how to use Google Tasks and where to find it in Gmail, it’s high time that you start using it.

What? You don’t really like using to-do-lists?

Trust me, I feel the same way. And quite frankly, a lot of people also feel that way.

But you’ve got to trust me when I tell you that using a to-do-list has been a game changer for me and for those who’s used it.

Not only does it help you organize your day, but it ensures that you complete the tasks that you in fact need to complete and it also compels me to do actual work instead of just being distracted with YouTube and other distractions in the web.

Here’s what you can do.

I urge you to give it a try.

If it doesn’t work for you, then I guess that’s about it. However, I’d like you to give it at least 2 – 3 weeks when trying it. And I’d like to stay committed in wanting to make it work within the 2 – 3 weeks time that you’ll try it.

If it really isn’t for you at the end of the third week, then you can stop using it altogether – no harm done.

Trust me, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish within the 2 – 3 weeks that you’ll use it. 🙂

Share your thoughts!

I hope you find the article useful. Let me know your thoughts and your experience with Google tasks. Cheers!

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