Give Samsung an inch of hype and they’ll run with it. We knew the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was coming because the ridiculous amount of rumours and speculation that we’d heard in the weeks leading up to the phone’s actual reveal told us so. We heard things like ‘it will be an iPhone 6 killer!’ ‘it will have the most powerful specs on the market!’ and ‘the Note 4 is the best phone ever!’ in fact the only rumour that we didn’t hear in relation to the phone is that it’ll be decorated with a giant rainbow and come with a clown car. Such was the ludicrousness of the hype. Nonetheless, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has now been officially announced by its South Korean maker at IFA 2014, the biggest electronics show in Europe.

The key thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is that this phablet (phone/tablet hybrid) could very well be the iPhone 6 killer that everyone has thus far hyped it up to be. Under the hood the Note 4 is a technological beast. Its 3GB of RAM means that it won’t get weighed down by bigger, more complex apps that have more things to do – not in the same way that our lesser 2GB handsets will anyway. Meanwhile, it also has an octa-core processor as the brains of the outfit (the processor generally dictates how fast the phone is when doing the things that you need it to do) which is made up of 1.3GHz quad-core processor and a 1.9Ghz processor. In short, it’s very, very good indeed.

Those boastful specs don’t stop there though as the Note 4’s 5.7 inch screen is a quad HD affair which means that its pixels will shine brighter than any of those diamonds that pop superstar Rihanna is always singing on about. But in all seriousness, so few handsets on the market right now have qHD screens so the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is automatically one of the best looking phones out there. Few handsets can touch that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 colours

Furthermore the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s camera is a really quite reasonable 16 megapixels and although that’s not as brilliant on paper as the Sony Xperia Z3’s 20.7 megapixel snapper, like the Z3 the Note 4 can also shoot 4K video and the untrained eye likely won’t be able to tell the difference between the two phone’s camera quality anyway. You’ll also have plenty of room to store that on the Note 4’s 32GB of internal storage but if you run out of space you can always make use of the 64GB microSD card support. In all honestly it would have been nicer for Samsung to bump up that microSD support to 128GB as many of its competitors have but the average user won’t need much more than 64GB anyway.

‘So what are the downsides?’ I hear you asking. There’s not a lot to dislike about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, really. Arguably its only downside is that it has a faux leather back which might seem a little cheap but keeping in mind that this is something Samsung users have had to put up with for a long time as the company have only recently introduced metal backs with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, this is a small feat to concede.

Samsung haven’t announced a price just yet but they say the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be out by the end of the year.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sounds like an iPhone 6 killer? Let us know in the comments.