Scribble Stylus and Pen

Good news for all the designers and graphic artist out there! No longer do you need to scan through different color palettes to try and match the right color of the subject you are drawing. No longer do you need to type in the right 
color code to get the perfect shade of red. All these problems are now a thing of the past if Scribble stylus comes out soon!

That’s right! A company called Scribble has come up with a revolutionary pen and stylus that, in its most basic function, scans a color from anything you point at and replicate that exact color on either the paper or tablet you will be drawing on.

It’s been reported that there will be two different versions of the Scribble pen. One called Scribble ink that can write on paper, Scribble ink will contain five different ink cartridges, and the other is Scribble stylus that would write on tablets. Each pen also gives 7 different options for its point and stroke style.

How does it work?

Scribble stylus pen which is powered by a rechargeable battery works by first scanning a desired color from any pre-existing subject, let’s say a shirt or a watermelon, in a few seconds the pen takes that color and saves it into its database ready for you to use it to draw and paper or tablet. With just one pen you can replace a whole box of coloring pens that you may have. Scribble will act as a universal take anywhere coloring tool.

Scribble Stylus and Pen

Features and Applications:

The Scribble stylus and pen works in conjunction with an application on your mobile phone or tablet, using the application installed in your mobile device you get an option of choosing which color and stroke style you prefer to use. The application is available to both the android and the Apple IOS operating system.

Scribble pen has been reported to hold over a hundred thousand colors in its 1GB database and instantly matches the colors to whatever shade you are scanning. All of these are conveniently presented to you in a very organized manner in the applications interface.

Price and current status:

The Scribble pen price is pegged to be around $150 for pre-order and its ink would cost you around $10 each.

Currently Scribble is on hold despite having passed the Kickstarter target budget. The project heads for Scribble are currently in the works to release a more detailed video of the Scribble pen in efforts to prove the authenticity of the invention.

For now, the graphic artist and designers can only hope and wait.