UAG iPhone 6 & 6s Case

Is this the Perfect iPhone 6/6s Case from UAG?

We all want styled cases to protect our sweet little smart phone investments, no matter which flavor of OS, Make or Model you choose. Every phone is typically designed to be used with a case, well most of them anyway. I won’t name the “one” phone out there which is designed to live without a case. That’s besides the point of this post.

Getting back on topic, you are likely curious to know what the TechieIO team thinks of the iPhone 6/6s Case by Urban Armor Gear (UAG.) UAG, first of all, has been around for a couple of years now. I believe the first case I ever picked up from them might of been for the iPhone 4s? Which is about the time I really started to take notice to the UAG Brand.

The Urban Armor Brand

A few years ago, I had never heard of the Brand. So I wasn’t sure if it was just another cheap-o overseas copy-cat, hawking more crap into the U.S. Market. I thought, “surely not.”

The website and the case designs were pretty much “out of this world” when it came to the attention to detail. Back then, the UAG website and promotional media was a very high quality presentation and it still is today.

They are a great company, which stands behind their products. I can speak from experience on numerous occasions. Especially after communicating with their support team from time to time to find out about new and upcoming releases. As well as while checking on order updates or questions with products.

I’ve had many opportunities to test out a variety of solutions from the UAG Product Offering. This includes not only their phone cases, but the tablet and computer cases as well. You might not of known it, but they make more than just phone cases! iPad Pro case anyone?

Speaking from an abnormal amount of Experience.

Here’s where it get’s even better. Are you still with me? Good.

Not so long ago, I found myself in the case business, though I am no longer. I designed, paid for the tooling, marketed and created custom phone cases just for the iPhone 4. It was an intense process to attempt creating the perfected accessory which would wrap around a smartphone. After all, smartphones are ultimately intended to travel with you just about everywhere. From the Toilet, to the Mountains, right?

Most companies don’t ever manage to get phone case designs right, nor have the desire to create a “perfect case.” UAG, on the other hand, has the drive AND the passion!

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a UAG case that wasn’t designed with the utmost precision. Intelligently designed to fit around and to protect your mobile device, while complimenting those ports or buttons.

This is something that most people don’t fully appreciate, but take my word for it. It’s not a cake walk to most manufacturers. After you see a UAG product in person, you might think they are doing the cake walk! They are just great at what they do!

UAG’s iPhone 6/6s Case Design Observations

The iPhone 6/6s case from UAG, comes at no surprise. It’s just, brilliant. It has the perfect amount of protection to wrap around the iPhone. Allowing for ample coverage around the screen, provides a healthy amount of “screen lift” so that it will never allow the glass to come into close contact with any flat or semi-flat surfaces. Should I mention – nothing can save a rock from hitting a screen?

The volume and power buttons built into the case, give you an exceptional extended or “textured” type feel that reliably transfers the nice “click” feedback you would normally experience while pushing these babies down without the case on.

The button design, is where many cases from other designers can go sooo, so wrong. You don’t want a case than can wear out your fingers or thumbs just to mash down the buttons because of the flawed case design! Remember, how many times are you using these buttons to turn your phone on or to lock the device per day?

You will notice that the interior of the UAG cases have an interesting honeycomb type design. This plays an important role in interior shock absorption, but it’s design does serve another purpose. It helps to cut down on weight.

Instead of completely filling the interior with a flat design, they’ve spent the extra time engineering a “cut out void.” Which eliminates wasted material in the design to cut down a few grams on the cases weight. It all adds up!

Yes, they do come in other colors!

The iPhone 6/6s case I am reviewing from UAG, is the “Black” color option. Though they do have a variety of other choices, such as Ice, Ash and White. For the iPhone 6/6s Plus, they are offered in Slate, White, Rust, Ice, Ash, Magma and Cobalt from their “Composite” Series.

For the sake of this review, I am only covering the “Composite” case options, though be sure to check out the Folio and the Handy Credit Card holder “Trooper” case series.

The Case Colors do Matter.

I would recommend the “Matte” finish options over the translucent colors, partly because the texture is slightly different. The translucent options can tend to have a slippery feel. This all depends on your perspiration, or for example – if you work out often or tend to have clammy hands.

It’s worth noting. The translucent options are found only in the Ash, Magma, Cobalt and Ice color choices.

Where to Buy?

You can always buy direct from UAG, however, you can typically find it cheaper and with faster shipping right here from Amazon. The faster shipping would be applicable if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

If you are not on the Amazon Prime band-wagon, you need to make time to check it out today. Right after you pick out your new phone case. Especially if you enjoy streaming movies and want FREE 2nd-Day Shipping on most products.

Why spend more than you have to? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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