Any good hardcore gamer around the world knows who Alienware is. They are the company that gets all the credit for creating the most powerful gaming PC’s and laptops. This PC’s have processors and video cards that are powerful enough to create a surreal gaming experience.

Now they have created a new PC that is characterized with one of the most unique and strangest designs ever and dubbed it Alienware Area 51.

Alienware Area 51 specs.

The new pc comes in a strange triangular shape which the aptly call the Triad. The case houses6-core and 8-core Haswell E-series intel Core i7 processors, an Intel x99 chipset, and has the capacity to support up to 32gb of DDR4 memory and contains bays that would be able to support 3 full size hard drives as well as two solid state drives. This powerful pc is strong enough to transmit an 11520×2160 resolution given if your monitor can support this high definition quality.

Alienware keeps cool with overclocking and liquid cooling both built into it. The case also looks good when it lights up since the chassis holds nine separate lighting zones where you can customize lights with up to 20 different color options

Alienware has a control center app that would give you full control to install widgets, change the PC settings or manage the processor speed from within your windows OS.


Design functionality.

The new design isn’t just made to be eye candy though. The designers of Alienware Area – 51 are all very aware about the space constraints gamers usually face since gaming most of the time takes place in a cramp small space.

The triad design also serves to be ergonomically efficient for the gamers. The inclined facade makes it easier for gamers to plug in their head phones and USBs. Another quirk to the design is it allows you to pull the chassis towards you to better insert all the additional cables.

High customizability.

As is standard to most Alienware tech, they allow gamers to customize and updgrade the system anyway they wish. It’s compatible to most hardware out there and runs smoothly with new drives installed into it.

Release date and availability.

Alienware Area – 51 is said to be released October this year. So get your gaming hats on guys! Alienware is bringing it again this fall!