android wifi applications

Ah the internet, it has become something that we couldn’t live without. Back in the older days, the first thing someone would ask a hotel clerk before checking into the room is if the beds are nice, nowadays the first question everyone ask is if there is Free Wi-fi.

The quality of the Wi-fi signal now plays a major role in the mood of a person and greatly affects how productive they would be. Nothing frustrates techies more that a slow and weak Wi-fi signal.

So to avoid all of that, we have come up with a list of great Android Wi-fi applications you can install into your smartphone.

1.) Network Signal Speed Booster

There is a reason why the Network signal speed booster app is one of the most downloaded and favourite apps out there. It works by scanning your area for the strongest and best cell tower available and reroutes your smart phones connection to that specific cell tower.

2.) Wi-Fi overview 360

The Wi-Fi overview 360 has a pretty decent interface that gives you a detailed report about the Wireless connections name, signal, encryption, and many more that allows you to make better action plans for you to optimize your network.

3.) Wi-FI Booster easy connect

The easy connect has great Wi-fi network detection capabilities. And with just one click you can find out which network would work best for you. It’s a great app to have when you enter public places with countless available signals around you.

4.) Wi-Fi Analyzer

Now one problem with Wi-Fi is that it gets crowded all the time. No matter how many bytes of data it’s able to provide it won’t mean much if your splitting it amongst hundreds of people.  But with the Wi-Fi analyzer, your phone will be able to detect the least crowded channel available by showing you its signal strength as well as a history of its usage. Given this data you can now decide which network channel you would log in to.

5.) OpenSignal

What makes this app unique is that it not only show which network is the strongest but it also points you to a geographical location of the signals cell site. Quite handy to make sure you never lose your signal.