Not a single blind spot to be found – that’s one of the defining features of Bublcam.

Because of its patent-pending tetrahedral design, the device is able to capture videos and photos in a 360° view. While there are already cameras in the market that claims to have this feature, they at least have 1 blindspot – Bublcam doesn’t.

How much is it?

For $579 USD, you can get the device, a mini tripod, lens cloth and a camera pouch.

The camera is available on 3 different colors; white, silver and black.

Who are the creators?

The camera is brought to you by Sean Ramsey (Founder/CEO) and his team of rockstar geniuses.

CTO, Software – Mark McQuillan

CTO, Hardware – Dan Mills

COO – Greg Ponesse

What are it capabilities?


You’ll be mind blown to learn about the capabilities of the device.

Video recording – the device can record at 15fps at 1080p or at 30fps at 720p. The video exports at MP4 format.

Wireless streaming – It’s Wi-FI unit allows you to stream the video LIVE via your mobile device or your PC.

Panoramic photos – You’ll get the photos at a full resolution at 3840 x 3840.

Audio recording – The device can record audio in MP3 format. This will then be integrated/encoded directly to the exported MP4 video.

Optics and sensor – It’s OmniVision sensors has a high quality low-light vision and captures 5 megapixel. It uses a 4190°, 1.6 megapixels lenses.

Media storage – You can save your video directly to  your Micro SD Card (max 32GB) or you can also record via USB 2.0 connection.

What are its applications?

While the device’s applications are limitless a couple of things that the creators have in mind is for Real Estate, gaming, surveillance/security, sports, teleconferencing and so much more!

Thinking about how Bublcam will integrate with the drone market is also something worth thinking about.

We can also think about its application on the  movie industry and how instrumental this device can be in telling better stories.

It’s your time to shine.

Share your thoughts on the new device. The comments section is all  yours!