True. There are in fact Gazillions of web based tools that you can use to organize your ideas, take down notes, and collaborate with your team (among many others). But not many are on the same level as Evernote.

Not only is the app so intuitive and easy to use, but the access it gives you to your data and the productivity and collaboration feature it possess is just stunning.

Because I can’t get enough of this app and am a HUGE fan of it, I’d like to share with you just why others feel the same as I do and why you should probably start using it too – if you aren’t yet.

Check-out these features.

1.) Create notes on different formats.

Whether it be voice, videos, texts, drawings, scribbles, or a clip from a portion of a page (or the entire webpage itself), creating a note for it in Evernote is easy as pie.

Because of how easy Evernote has made it for its users to capture ideas, they are able to get back to it whenever they can never losing any valuable ideas.

Considering how ‘aha!’ moments usually come in a whim, being able to capture them immediately is a must.

2.) Organize the heck out of your files.

Being able to capture your ideas easily is one thing, organizing and find them is another.

Evernote’s features and filters makes it extremely easy for you to find/organize your stored ideas. For example, Evernote allows you to add tags on your notes. Another cool feature is how Evernote’s search engine can crawl within the files that you’ve attached in your notes.

These two features (among many others) can help you get the files that you’re looking for in no time!

3.) Create to-do-lists to organize your day!


Nothing beats a to-do-list when it comes to organizing your day AND increasing your productivity.

Using Evernote’s checklists, you can list down you daily ‘to-dos’ them mark them off as checked once you’re done with the task.

4.) Share your notes through email and other social platforms.

If there’s a note that you’d like to share, you can either do so by emailing the note directly to the recipient or, your can post in on your social media profiles.

If you’re creative, you’ll realize how this makes your team collaboration a lot more painless.

5.) Access your Evernote everywhere for as long as you have internet.

The subhead says it all.

If you’re always on the go and have the need to constantly access your files on different places, you can store them in Evernote and you’re pretty much good to go.

Imagine Dropbox on steroids. Then multiply that awesomeness by about 100% and you’ll get Evernote!

The benefits I shared above are just some of the many things that I like about Evernote. The app just has so many features that you can use for your business or your personal life that it just isn’t going to be enough for me to fit everything in one article.

You have to check it out.

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Are you an Evernote user?

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