A brand new camera by Casio has been unveiled to the Eastern market, and it’s being marketed as a great fashion accessory for selfie lovers out there.

Whilst there have been many recent attempts by different manufacturers to create a ‘selfie device’ for different markets across the globe, the new Casio selfie camera appears to be the fanciest and perhaps most elegant of it’s kind so far. The device has a flip out display that can be doubled up as a mirror, and it can also be folded down to fit into small pockets or purses. Whilst you may be able to argue that the design of the Casio selfie camera is quite nice,  behind the glamor of the device there isn’t really that much there to get excited about.


The EX-TR50 has a 1.7 inch CMOS which should help to create some decent low light images, doubled up with an 11.1 megapixel sensor. Inside, the selfie camera comes with 50MB of built-in storage and a microSD card slot that will support up to 16GB of external storage. For taking selfies, the EX-TR50 doesn’t sound too bad, but here’s the catch – the Casio selfie camera is being sold for HK$10,000, which roughly equates to $,1290 US dollars.

In comparison, many great cameras can be picked up at this price, making the specs on the inside pretty insignificant. Would you ever consider saying goodbye to over $1,000 for a device designed primarily for taking selfies? Honestly, I can’t see the value here, but maybe over in Hong Kong this is something that could sell well to those looking for the latest and greatest beauty accessories.

I really couldn’t see it catching on over in Western markets though, but maybe Casio will have the guts to bring it over seas one day too. I’ll let you know if that ever happens.