For those in the UK, you’re going to be in for a treat this holiday season – Tesco has just announced plans for their next tablet, the Hudl 2. Tesco managed to wow the industry last year by releasing the first Hudl, a 7 inch device which had a very low price tag and could even manage to rival the Nexus 7.

Tesco has sent out press invites to a special October 3rd event with the emphasis on the catchphrase #Letshudl, which pretty much confirms Tesco are planning to to release a brand new Hudl tablet. Tesco have also updated their website recently to allow visitors to sign up for updates relating to the Hudl 2 and changes in the Hudl brand.


So far, we know very little about the Hudl 2, besides from the fact that it’s going to have “across the board” improvements, so I think we can expect new hardware, a new streamlined design, and perhaps even an increase in screen size. It will be interesting to see if Tesco can manage to maintain a low price point for the Hudl 2, or whether they’ve sacrificed their rock bottom price for improved hardware.

It’s also been rumored that the Tesco Hudl 2 will release in a wide range of ‘hues’ or there will at least be a set of accessories that allow owners to pick what color they would like their tablet to be.

Tesco also had recent plans to unveil a Hudl smartphone, but along with the event announcement, Tesco revealed their plans to postpone the release of the device, perhaps in response to their recent profit loss.

As mentioned before, the reveal event for the Hudl 2 will be held on October 3rd, so I will update you as more information about the new tablet is revealed by Tesco after the event has gone underway.