Get ready, for a fresh build out of the popular EVGA SR-2 Motherboard , in a completely custom laser cut case. We will be posting updates, as we go along with the design of our newly designed , triple layer 3/8″ acrylic case. We’ve attached some eye candy below , as far as drawings go since we are knee deep into the planning stage. We will be cutting the components on a 600W Laser CNC table, which has the capacity for 5×20′ cutting. Why laser? Well, it’s highly accurate, and more so than a standard CNC router, and since it’s cutting acrylic, it will flame polish all of the edges in a single step, giving the material a beautiful diamond like edging. Needless, to say, we can cut quite a bit, and pretty fast if need be.

SR-2 Compatible Case, Where to Buy?

So, in case you are interested in getting your hands on the final product, don’t worry it will be possible very soon. We hope to have the case ready for shipping in the coming weeks. Don’t hold us to it though, and you are going to want to follow our progress as that will give you a better idea of the “go time.”

With Dual Xeon !

One of the most exciting reasons to build up a SR-2 rig, is because of it being one of the most user friendly , and capable over clocking machines out there, and what CPU”s are better for over clocking than the Intel Xeons? Nada. For this build, we will be using the Xeon 5650’s, pushing them to 4.0 GHZ.

While, this is the current drawing for the first prototype, we will be making a few adjustments along the way for the final build out. We will be creating optional side panels, that go between a complete open air design, to door panels with or without fan grill attachment locations.

Liquid Cooling, from the Floor Up.

One of the most unique things about this design( that I am eager to get some bench time in with ) is the fact that the bottom layer ,  which is optional or removable by the way, is for the liquid cooling triple / triple fan radiator system. The idea of it being on the “bottom” layer, and horizontally oriented, is that it will be able to take advantage of all of the “Cold Air” which is always closest to the floor of wherever the unit sits. Heat rises doesn’t it? Well, then why would anyone want the radiator any further from the ground if it doesn’t need to be?

The liquid cooled radiator must-have holds 9 fans, that can be configured with a single 9 fan radiator or 3 triple rads.

For those SR-X fans, out there, we won’t leave you hanging. If indeed, mount holes are different, we will be sure to include those in the cut files to maintain universal features of the case.

Stay tuned for updates ! Feel free to post any comments or suggestions if you would like to see anything particular implemented in the design. Speak now , or forever hold your peace ! Well, we will have plenty of other designs and models coming as well, so keep your eyes peeled.