Instagram hyperlapse

Good news for all Iphone users out there who love taking videos using their mobile devices. If you are like me, videos always come out shaky because of hands that are just not stable enough no matter how hard you try to shoot a steady video.

A solution for shaky videos:

Instagram saw the need to make a solution for this problem and recently released the new video app called Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse allows you to take a clear video even when you are on the move.

Isn’t it annoying to look at a video that sways and bounces each time you take a step? Hyperlapse found a way to make the images steady as you move around. This is made possible by a new built in stabilizing algorithms  fitted in the app that gives you video qualities that before can only be taken by hi-tech professional cameras with balance equalizing hardware. The algorithm would calculate the movement of the scene you are shooting by basing it on your Iphones built in gyroscope. All the older apps that promise to keep your image clear no matter how shaky your hands were used stabilising techniques that depended on calculating the scenes angles, lighting and landscape. Hyperlapse came up with an easy solution by using what the Iphone already possess.

Time lapse option right in your Iphone:

Instagram hyperlapse

Traditionally time lapse videos are taken by mounting a camera onto a steady base and shooting a scene on high shutter speed. This gives you the effect of images moving really fast but in a steady state. Instagram found a way to embed that in the Hyperlapse app transforming any video of casual Iphone users into professional quality videos.

Instagram made the interface for Hyperlapse easy and minimalistic. You start off with the usual interface when you open your Iphone camera. You choose the focal point of the scene by touching it with your finger (like every other camera app) and you go ahead and shoot. Hyperlapse than gives you a playback option with various speed option whether it be normal speed to speed up to 12x the norm.

Simple to use and hassle free application:

Hyperlapse took out all the hassle of that other apps have. You don’t need to sign up, no need for a Facebook sign in, and you don’t even need to be on Instagram either. Just download the app and start taking videos.

The application even took out all the other options once you finished shooting a video and leave you with just two choices. Either save it later for editing or trash the video you just took.

Hyperlapse App is available now:

Hyperlapse is now available on the App Store for free. Be sure to not confuse it with another app that cost $0.99.