If you’ve signed up as an iOS Developer and have had a chance to experience iOS 8 Beta 1-4, you can now upgrade to Beta 5. Keep in mind, you typically have to roll your upgrades 1 at a time before they expire as I’ve recently experienced. While I was using the HTC M8 and LG G3, I let the Beta 2 Lapse and wasn’t able to upgrade to Beta 4. Since I was “stuck” I restored by manually downloading Beta 3, and then updating OTA to Beta 4. Solved my problem. Don’t forget to do a backup on iTunes before you run the restore however.

I was noticing some issues with Beta 1-3 on SMS popups, and also searching in the APP Store. In Beta 4 it was improved, but not yet perfect . I’m downloading Beta 5 now so we will see if some of the major annoyances are cleared up on this update. Additionally I’ve noticed some newer APPS’s completely freezing the device. It may have something to do with the new Frameworks being rolled out in iOS 8. So far, it’s been very liveable. I’m pumped to see what type of extensions start to hit the market. I would put my money on a SwiftKey variant type keyboard coming soon the the App Store now that Apple is making available these “extension” type features in their API. This also tells me that we will start to see a lot more “Google” type Bells and Whistles which will help drive people back over from Android to iOS. Stay tuned, I will update once I have some hands-on time with Beta 5.

If you are needing more details on the specific changes/updates or known bugs view the Apple iOS 8 Beta 5 Change Log