At the Flinch, Pinch and Flick of Your Finger

Leap Motion technology has just announced that they have developed the most innovative 3D hand motion technology out on the market, and they have named it The Leap.  Now, many are calling this “hands free” although it is quite the opposite, all you do is use your hands, that’s it. No confusing controllers, mouses, or buttons to push.

How does it work then? Well according to Leap Motion it uses a small USB sensor device paired with a software platform- both of which are installed by connection of the USB. The sensor then projects and reads motions within a space of four cubic feet. All this means, that within seconds of getting your device out of the box and plugging it in, you’re ready to go.

Leap offers exclusive software that allows you to pinch your fingers to zoom in and out, precision drawing in 2D and 3D, air signing digital documents, and of course extensive, precision perfect game play. Four cubic feet of precision packed space not enough? Simply link a few together and, presto! You have a bigger space.

Get Ready to Cringe, Kinect

The new Leap Motion technology is claiming to be 200 times more precise than any other motion-sensitive technology. Co Founder of Leap Motion, Michael Buckwald stated, “The biggest thing that other technologies can’t do that we can, is track fingers and track them really accurately. Doing that requires deep, sub-millimeter tracking with multiple fingers and there’s just no other technology in the world that’s capable of doing that.”
All of this is giving the Microsoft Kinect a run for its money, literally, because not only is it insanely accurate but considerably cheaper. Leap Motion is (for now) only going to be charging a whopping $70 dollars, while the average Kinect add-on runs around $150. Worried about having a bulky new gadget at your computer? Have no fear; Leap Motion 3D device is smaller than the average smart phone.

Gamers Not the Only to Rejoice

Leap’s incredibly accurate technology also gives doctors, architects, artists and engineers a reason to jump for joy. By having it recognize your slightest every move, it gives professionals who rely on accuracy and precision to be able to perform better. Not only it does it track your fingers movements but it can also recognize a pen and its movements, making signing, drawing and writing that much more accessible.
The good news keeps on coming, with all those perks coming in such a small package there are a few more. Leap also allows you to manipulate and create 3D models and images as well as navigating through web pages and your computers operating system with a simple twitch of your finger or you have the option of creating your own custom hand gesture for certain tasks.

App Attack

If you haven’t noticed, Leap Motion likes to do things a little bit differently. With Applications they have decided to turn to the many developers out there and see what they had to put on the table. “We want to create as vibrant a developer ecosystem as possible, and we’re reaching out to developers in all sorts of fields”, said CEO Michael Buckwald of Leap Motion.  By receiving 12.75 million dollars in Series A funding from Highland Capital Partners they are able to achieve what they ultimately want; a large number of creative apps developed by outside developers.

A smart move on Leaps part, as they get to have a large amount of applications available, with little work developing them on their half.  Right now Leap Motion’s Buckwald says he plans to”start off with a group of diverse developers ranging from people that want to build things for medicine, and consumers and gaming and engineers and science and research and education.”

Developers are itching at the opportunity to develop apps for The Leap, and it shows, Leap Motion has received thousands of inquiries, and in response to those inquiries Leap is sending out between 15,000 and 20,000 free developer kits.  Itching to get your hands on one yourself? Leap Motion is taking pre-orders now and is expected to be released early next year.