Lenovo, a well-known PC manufacturer, announced today two new computers that they are releasing soon. Named the Y70 Touch and the Erazer 315, these computers are Lenovo’s attempt to dive into the PC gaming market. While most computers can at least somewhat handle playing video games, the Y70 and Erazer will be able to easily withstand the technical burdens of even the newest games at sufficient graphical qualities.

The Y70 Touch laptop specifically was designed for true HD gaming, having an i7 Core for the processor and a Nvidia GTX HD graphics card. Unfortunately, specifics on whether the processor is a quad or dual-core and which Nvidia card it has have yet to be revealed. However, we do know that the laptop’s screen is a full 1080p and 17 inches in size. This actually makes the Y70 Lenovo’s largest laptop that they have created. Of course, all that beefy hardware and bigger screen make it also the heaviest in Lenovo’s line of laptops. The weight of this gaming beast clocks in around 7.3 pounds. However, they reassure that this laptop is still lighter and also thinner than most other gaming laptops on the market right now. The battery life comes in at about 5 hours, which isn’t too bad considering mine only lasts for maybe half that.

On the other hand, the Erazer 315 was designed for a totally different type of gamer. The portability of Y70 is traded off for a more sturdy desktop PC. The less accessibility, however, means that costs for manufacturing is much less, resulting in a PC that is built for the cost-efficient gamer. Coming with 12GB of RAM, four 3.0 USB ports, a quad-core processor, and a AMD R9 graphics card, the cheaper cost does not mean cheaper parts. Though, again, specifics on the processor and graphics weren’t given, the Erazer will just as easily be able to handle any newly released games. The Erazer 315 and its portable counterpart, the Y70 Touch, will be available very soon. The Y70 will be out next month starting at $1299 and the Erazer will released the following month in November starting at $599. For more on all things Lenovo and PC gaming in general, keep it locked right here.