Linkedin Marketing

Can you REALLY get clients through Linkedin?

My short answer – Yes! And quite frankly, I’m surprised that you had to ask.

I mean, we all know how the users of Linkedin are either professionals or business owners, that to me is a sign  that this platform is filled with people who have the capacity to pay. And if you have the skills/services to help solve their problems and you know how to connect with them, then there’s no reason why you can’t get them to pay for your services.

So what is this 1 Linkedin marketing strategy that I use? Three words can pretty much sum it up – Keep – in – Touch!

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin has a Keep in Touch section that tell you the important days of your network. May it be their work anniversary, birthday, or getting employed.

Linkedin Marketing

The strategy here is really simple. You just have to connect with your network and talk to them about the event in Linkedin’s Keep in Touch feature.

You can greet them a happy birthday or congratulate them with their new job. This makes your message on time/topic which makes it less likely to be ignored.

However, there are 3 VERY IMPORTANT things that I’d like to emphasis when doing this strategy.

1.) Be sincere with whatever you say. – Otherwise you’ll just manipulating others.

2.) Always personalize your message. – Otherwise you’ll just be spamming others.

3.) ALWAYS ask about what they do and if there’s an opportunity for you to collaborate?

The third tip is what usually gets you more client. Why, you might ask?

1.) When you ask them about what they do, that means that you are interested about them. And we all know how everyone wants to be appreciated or have a sense of being needed by others.

2.) Since you’ve asked whether or not there’s an opportunity for you to collaborate, they will either reply with, (a) What do you have in mind?, or (b) they can downright tell you, that they are looking for someone with the same skill set as your and would like to talk to you about a project.

If they reply using the latter, then that would be pretty much it for you. You’ve just connected with a VERY WARM lead.

But if they replied asking ‘what do you have in mind’, then you can work your way around that by probing or thinking of a way where you can both collaborate. Either way, you’re still in a very good position to win them over as clients now or in the near future.

I have to tell you. The tip and points that I shared above has worked wonders for me. I know for a fact that it does work and it’s no fluke either. The idea/logic is solid (it’s based on showing genuine interest to others and building relationships), and that fact that I’ve gotten 3 clients means that it isn’t just luck.

Here’s what I’d like to ask you.

1.) Are you looking for more clients?

2.) Are you professional when it comes to dealing with others (not just your clients).

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, then I’l like to ask you 1 other question.

What’s stopping you now from using the proven and tested Linkedin marketing tip that I shared?

It’s your turn!

I’m all for learning more tips about how you market your business / services in Linkedin. If you have other techniques that you’ve tried yourself and have worked quite well, I urge you to share it in the comments section below.