navdy car hud

So here’s something awesome for those who can’t put their phone down even when they are driving: the Navdy Car HUD (head up display). If you are like me, I constantly get calls and text messages for work or from my friends and family. And if you got a job like me that entails me to drive around 90% of the time, that might cause a problem and a serious one at that. As much as I would like to keep myself from glancing at my phone to look at a text or to see who is calling, I get tempted at times and get distracted from focusing my attention on the road.

This is not a good thing if you consider that almost everyone that lives in the city goes through the same struggle when they are driving.

Luckily someone invented a phone screen projection system that allows you to keep your eyes on the road and answer your calls and text at the same time.

navdy car hud

How does it work?

The Navdy is a small rectangular device that is fitted with a tiny projector and a transparent screen. The device is then placed on your cars dashboard, right in front of the driver. The projector would then beam out an image that appears to look like they are on the road right in front of you. They purposely designed it this way so the driver does not need to adjust his visual perception to focus on the screen, since it would look like the images are on the road the whole time.

The Navdy comes with its very own app that allows you to link the device to your android or your IOS device. It offers you functions like navigation, and directional assistance through GPS. When a call gets in, the Navdy will display the callers information and with a simple swing of the hand which the Navdy will detect, you can be able to answer the phone while never having to take both your hands off the steering wheel. Answering text has been made easier too by just giving oral commands you can reply with your own message through the speech to text application in the Navdy system. It can do loads more like lay music and surf the web when needed.

navdy car hud

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