Pre Pad

We’ve covered several types of new technology that would cater to today’s modern market. But there is one up and coming niche that is willing to spend on tech that would aid them with the lifestyle they chose – these are the health buffs.

Year after year you start reading articles about eating food with more nutritional value. Apps have come out with the ability to guess the amount of calories each food contains but accessing a large database based on the category of the food you are eating.

This year someone from the Orange Chef has taken technology meant to serve the healthy lifestyle demands a step further with the Pre Pad food scale.

Pre Pad

The Pre Pad food scale came up from a line of humble kitchen items when Orange Chef started. Having first just produced a plastic cover to protect Ipads from kitchen messes which they called the chef sleeve, Orange Chef has evolved their product line by adding Ipad stands to chopping board with an Ipad dock.

Now they have come up with something revolutionary by bringing us the Pre Pad kitchen scale. The kitchen scale works in conjunction with an application that you are supposed to install on your mobile device called the Countertop.

The kitchen scale itself is composed of an aluminium frame with a weight sensor, microcontroller, and Bluetooth connectivity, the surface is composed of a paper composite that makes cleaning easier.

The device works by first getting a physical profile of its user through a series of questions. The answer to the set questions would then help the device determine if you need to lose weight by restricting calories or gain weight by adding more protein and good fats to your diet.

Pre Pad

Once you start weighing the food and input the details of what you are eating into your mobile device, it will then create a breakdown of the foods nutritional value into a pie chart. And depending on your goals the app will also recommend if you should cut back or not.

This is just the start of innovations for the Orange chef. They are looking into possibilities to link the Pre Pad to other fitness accessories like Fitbit as well.

As a health buff myself, I’m pretty excited about the other things they will come up with.