SafeSleeve Review – It’s a Good Buy.

Whenever you buy a new mobile device, chances are good that you take the time to research about the device’s specs and the reviews it’s been getting from its users. While I think that’s a great move (and I of course do the same thing), there’s one thing that most of us overlook. Let’s dive into our SafeSleeve review.

The harmful EMR that your electronics emit!

EMR or Electromagnetic Radiation is comprised of Thermal Radiation, Radio Frequencies, and ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) which can prove to be harmful to our bodies. Whether this fact has been hidden to the masses or no one knows about it because they simply don’t care enough, it’s important that we don’t neglect this fact because the danger it poses is REAL!

The WHO (World Health Organization) even considers EMR as possibly carcinogenic. That alone should be more than enough reason for us to protect ourselves from it.

The good news!

SafeSleeve, a classy multi-functional lap desk has been developed by Cary and Alaey (Engineering graduates from California) to help protect you from nearly 100% of the harmful EMR that your mobile devices emit.

As college students, Cary and Alaey, realized how much time a student spends in front of their laptops not to mention the time they spent on their mobile devices after. As a singular entity, this won’t be much of a bother for us, but as a whole, with the radiation piling up it would then post a problem.

SafeSleeve is meant to be used in a variety of ways to prevent radiation coming from its main “hot zones”. You can either use it as a buffer between your lap and your laptop, or use it as a sleeve to keep your device in, or use it on your workstation’s surface.



The SafeSleeve is made out of a military grade radiation shield material to deflect up to a 100% of the radiation, but the material keeps your device cool enough by not restricting airflow.


Black Safe Sleeve 

Comes in both 13″ and 15″ sizes. (Buy from Amazon)

Tan Safe Sleeve

Comes in both 13″ and 15″ sizes. (Buy from Amazon)

Why people love it:

Here are a couple of reasons why people love SafeSleeve:

  1. Anti-Radiation Anti-Radiation
  2. Reinforced edges
  3. Stylish
  4. Protective Case
  5. Durable case with impact resistant materials
  6. Integrated Shielding Technology for superior Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) protection
  7. Soft microfiber lined screen cover

Amazing, isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that this nifty and stylish looking product is packed with so much feature!

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

We took the time to cover SafeSleeve because we believe that this product is an absolute must-have! So if you’re using any kind of mobile device (which you probably are), grab your own SafeSleeve from Amazon now!

Please share your comments and questions below. Cheers!