smartphone accessories for the outdoors

We take our smartphones and tablets anywhere we go. I mean , how else are we supposed to take our selfies at the beach or at the zoo,right?

All kidding aside, it is already a known fact that wherever we go there our smartphone should be. But then this exposes our precious gadgets to the risk of damage.

To fix that situation companies have come up with various accessories that would make your smartphone more fit for outdoor activities.

Here is a list of great smartphone accessories for the outdoors.

1.) Otterbox casing

The Otterbox provides your smartphone with all kinds of safety features to make it dustproof, shock proof to falls of up to two meter drops and water proofing at 2 meter depths as well. Made from the most durable material, you won’t get worried about banging your phone up anymore.

2.) Tunebelt sport armband

Now this accessory is a runner’s friend. You wouldn’t want to go jogging with your phone in your pocket and have it flop against your thigh the whole way. That’s just annoying. Instead the Tunebelt sport armband differentiates itself from other armbands since it allocates space to fit even your phones casing, giving your phone twice the protection.

3.) Trimble outdoor Topocharger

The Topocharger is no ordinary case. Aside from giving your phone the protection it needs, the Topocharger also serves as a portable battery pack and contains a chip with a detailed topographical map of the place you’re venturing in even when you lose your GPS signal.

4.) Hitcase Pro

Love taking videos and photos with your phone while on the move? The Hitcase pro is made out of shock absorbent material which also gives your phone water proofing and shock protection. On top of that it has a built in wide angle camera lens to make your phone perfect for outdoor shots.

5.) Spot connect

smartphone accessories for the outdoors

Losing your phone signal when you get lost will definitely make you think twice about venturing out. But with Spot Connect (Gen 3 Updated Link),  you are given the security of never losing your signal well after getting out of range of your service provider. This handy device turns your smart phone into a satellite phone and has an automatic feature of sharing your GPS on social media websites.

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