Android tips and tricks

As expected, the more new phones get released in the market, the less people seem to take care or value their existing ones. I know of some people who have phones that won’t even last them a year but others could keep their phones running long after 5 new models of the same brand has come out, and no I’m not talking about the old school Nokias.

These guys who have longer lasting phones may just have good practices to keep their phones running efficiently. We looked around to find out what these were and we’d like to share it to you.

So, here are our Android tips and tricks for keeping your phone healthy and working properly.

Android tips and tricks

1.) Give your screen a rest every once in a while.

A lot of today’s phone screens are made from OLED like the AMOLED of many of the high end phones. OLED allows you to get deep black colors by turning off pixel emitters. This method allows for text to pop out more from the display. Using OLED has a downside wherein the displays degrade after a few years of constant high brightness usage.

To help fix this, you can start by setting your screen to turn off every few minutes when not in use or setting your brightness lower when using it long term.

 2.) Back up your data and reset.

Back up your data to a hardrive and when your phone starts slowing down to a point where it ruins the experience for you, you can perform a factory reset to reboot your whole system. This will help clear up all the data that has piled up and slowed down your phone system. After doing the reset you can go ahead and gather the data from your hardrive. Make sure to back up every single important file since factory reset will totally erase everything.

3.)  Manage your apps better.

You will reach a point where you will store apps you won’t already need. Sometimes these apps work in the background and significantly slow down your phones processing speed. Learn to differentiate what applications you really need and others that you won’t.

 4.) Use an external speaker as much as possible

As much as phone speakers have improved over time, it isn’t built to constantly belt out heavy audio tracks at a constant pace. The more you use it to play bass heavy tracks the faster your speakers will degrade. As much as possible always use external speakers when playing your favorite music.

Hope this helps keep your phone working properly longer. Let us know if it helped you guys out.