Amazon has been busy this year with various new developments and implements with the corporation. Attempting to do just about everything, Amazon has released its own phone, released a streaming set-top box, announced an online grocery service, and even a drone delivery service of all things. But, one thing that the corporation has literally poured billions of dollars into this year is video games. Known as the Amazon Game Studios, the developer consists of veterans that worked on Portal, BioShock, Left 4 Dead, and the entire studio that created Killer Instinct and Strider. With this renowned team, Amazon has finally revealed what they have been working on.

First up is “The Unmaking”, a castle defense game to Amazon tablets. Set in a time where gods are trying to wipe man out, you play as a commander of a castle’s defense army. Over the course of 30 plus battles in 7 different areas, you customize, upgrade, and build your defenses to fight back against the hordes of enemies and survive. Using the Amazon cloud to power everything, the team was able to allow for literally thousands of enemies to be onscreen all at once. The Unmaking is set to release on all 3rd generation Amazon tablets and up this fall.

Next up is Til Morning’s Light made in partnership with WayForward Games. Til Morning’s Light is a puzzle adventure game starring a teenage girl named Erica. Locked in a haunted mansion by a group of mean girls, you must help her fight ghouls and escape the mansion before morning arrives. The game is meant to be heavily story and puzzle-driven, utilizing a non-sexualized female protagonist.

Also coming later this year, Creepstorm is a traditional tower defense-strategy game. Developed alongside Happy Tuesday, the game uses an extensive RPG-like skill tree to upgrade troops and defenses to fight off the enemy. The game also features an online multiplayer mode for those looking for a real challenge.

Finally, Amazon announced Tales from Deep Space. Being developed along with Frontier Developments, Tales from Deep Space is a cartoonish adventure starring traveling salesman, E, and his luggage-bot, CASI. With their own unique special abilities, you can switch between the two on-the-fly or play alongside another person in local co-op. The game will also come with free comics based on the game’s universe.

Let us know in the comments if you’re interested in any of these games. There are still more projects that Amazon Game Studios is working on that haven’t been revealed yet, so keep it locked right here for more on that in the near future.