Android Launcher apps

Now I don’t know about you guys but I like customizing my android phone. I don’t know, it could be because I get bored easily, or I need some creative outlet, or I could just be ADHD and lack anything better to do.

Getting cool mobile launchers does please the eye. So here is my list of awesome android launchers apps that you should try once.

1. Buzz Launcher

When it comes to getting launcher apps the keyword to everything is Customization. That’s the whole reason we’re getting them in the first place. And Buzz Launcher really puts the emphasis into customization. With a library of over a thousand themes and widgets, it would takes hours away from your day for you to finally decide on the best theme and install it, so that you can just change it again a couple days later.

2. Apex

Apex works more on making your android experience smoother and more efficient other than make it aesthetically pleasing to your eye. Apex has special features especially in their premium version that enhances your software interface with functionality that improves on the home screen manipulation, and notification customization.

3. Google Now

Googles very own stock launcher brings Google Nows feature right unto your Android system. The things you love about Google now like its constant information updates and voice commands can now be accessed via this launcher.  This is quite an interesting theme for those who love Google.

4. Zeam

Zeam is the minimalist of Android launcher apps. It stripped away the unnecessary features found in the basic Android phone to make way for faster transitions and smoother animation. Getting this launcher will definitely make your phone work faster but that’s if you don’t mind sacrificing the embellishments that you have already grown used to.

5. Nova

Like Apex, Nova offers you great features with just the right amount of customization that doesn’t overwhelm you. It gives you a package of new transition animation and home screen app arrangement, enough to satisfy your customization craving. Unfortunately like Apex, you have to get their premium version to experience its total feature.

So what do you think? Would you give any of these android theme launchers a try? Check them out and let us know.