Hey guys! As promised from our last article, we are bringing you more Android tips and tricks to get the most of one of the most used mobile browser – Google chrome.  Chrome is such a useful application to have since it would sync well with the android features admitting that they are owned by the same giant company.

I personally have to use Google chrome on every device I have, whether on desktop or on my tablet and my smart phone. But do you know you would we able to sync your activities on Google chrome between each of your electronic device?

Well if not you are in luck since that will be the first tip we talk about.

1.) Browser data and tab sync

Chrome has the automatic capability of syncing your browser data and your open tabs between your devices as long as you log in with a Google Account. To check out your activities on one of your devices from another device all you have to do is either go to Chromes new tab page or if it isn’t their just go to the menu button and tap on other devices. From their chrome will show you all the other sites your devices have been visiting.

2.) Editing bookmarks and folders on the browser

This one is pretty easy. On the address bar of your browser there should be a star shaped outline. If you like to save the page all you need to do is tap on the star and it will light up and save that page for you.

Another way to do it is to go to the menu bar and tap on Save to bookmarks. You are given the option to change the title of the bookmark, and then just click save.

3.) Adding a web clip icon to the home screen

A web clip icon is a shortcut icon that can be seen on your home screen. This is great for those who have their everyday go to website, so you won’t need to go through your browser.

To do this just go to the menu button again and tap on Save to bookmark, then select “add to”, and then tap “home screen”. You should then find an icon that has your websites logo on the home screen.

How about you guys? Do you have any useful android tips? Add to the comment if you got any.