Canon 7D is a Great Camera for the Pro Toolbox

DSLRs were never meant to be filmmaking tools, at least not up until the last year and a half. It was serendipitous to discover that the video feature on the 5d Mark II was excellent for filmmaking.

Ever since then Canon has fully embraced the filmmaking potential of their cameras to the point of launching a cinema series of cameras. The Canon 7D was a a great camera for those who wanted good filmmaking capability without having to break the bank to get it. The 7D has always been the “middlegound” camera.

It was the camera between the 5D and the 550D in terms of price, and as a result of being the middle child it hasn’t received as much love as those other two models. However, Canon has finally released V2 of the 7D firmware and it gives some features users have been wanting since day one.

Canon 7D Firmware Changes

The firmware is mainly on the photographic side of things with better image editing options and an improved burst mode, but what really makes this firmware a must have for those who shoot video is the ability to manually control audio.

It used to be that monitoring audio on any level whatsoever was little more than shooting the video and then watching it see if the sound was recorded right. This is a much needed change that shooters should be very happy with.